Last To Stop Customizing Wins Tesla! (Challenge)

31 ian. 2020
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Last to stop customizing wins tesla!
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The cheapest Tesla we could find online at the time was around $15,000 so the contestants split that as the prize money!
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  • Before the challenge we found a cheap tesla online for around $15,000 so the winner would have the option of getting it or taking $15,000 as the winning prize! We did this video with no sponsor so if you want us to do more crazy stuff for you, please subscribe, spread the word and watch more of my videos! Thanks for allowing me to do crazy things like this!

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    • Y,all acting like you have a reality show

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  • Lol Sandra and harold talk in spanish

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  • 3:21 wow the earth is tiny lol

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  • Who else loves sandras accident? 🥺💖✨

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  • Is that the new Tesla model Y

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  • What on the jesus krist does zhc freaking stands for

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  • Do this with a cyber truck

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  • Do this with a cyber truck

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  • When you're not even 1 hour in I would have got out! 🤣🤣

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  • Zack: I know what is planed up ahead... My eardrums: I cannot take this XP

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  • Rae: See u suckers later Also Rae: *her not winning the Tesla

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  • I think you should do this again and send it back to Elon

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  • plz give me a shoutout you are the best youtuber ever

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  • ZHC should customize a ferrari next

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  • He proved him as damn rich

  • When zac yawns me: 🥱

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  • The girl hoow drawed the half circles went past the line

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  • alguien latinoamericano??

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  • Everyone:The water is so coooold! Vexx:*Jumps into pool *

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  • hi ZCH i am a huge fan and i just wantd to say how much i love yours videos and hi!:D

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  • Is Michelle your sister or your girlfriend?

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  • Zhc I love your drawing

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  • ZHC in 2070: Last one to stop customising Eiffel tower wins it

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  • Who won

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  • Hi 😍

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  • You'll r the best couple ever

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  • ZHC stands for: Z:Zach H:Helping C:Charity

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  • dude if i was there i'd have been drawing for years to win it

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  • u should sell an elon merch set

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  • 0:59 RAE?? She is one of my favourite ROlabelrs

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  • 8:06 rip 😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • zhc can you draw me a cute detalid koala and send it to me

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  • ok this might be rude but like in my opinion how does zhc have more subs than mr beast gaming like? no offense I luv you both :)

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  • $15,000 is not cheep I could buy a gaming pc with $15,000 😂

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  • ZHC in 2035 last one to customize the White House becomes president

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  • Love Rae’s Jonny Cash T-shirt

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  • Your being so rude to the ant

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  • The pink lady is sweet

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    • True

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  • The moment u squirm when he draws a line right on the tesla...

  • OMD I'm a fan of RAE

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  • hi zhc do u remember me am the winner of gave away ps5 yousefdahabra

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  • Es sandra como la amo

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  • I have asthma too

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  • I like all the cool effects that he uses

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  • Your guys skills are just incredible

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  • kid flexes his teslas

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  • Rae u have win this

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  • millionaire bought dasani water. smh

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  • I see Chloe painted Baby Yoda. Respect gurl, respect.

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  • Is it me or is ZHC like Scrooge mcduck?

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  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! ------- A CHALLENGE I CAN WIN!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

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  • 2050 zhc will gonna customize his own body

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  • this challange is so cheesy

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  • This video is child friendly

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  • ZHC in 2070: last to stop customizing wins the state capital building

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  • That was the worst ending to a challenge ever like bruh but still like your content

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  • my teacher told me to have a good day so i went home ;). if you lought pl,s subscribe.

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  • Los hispanoablantes te apoyamos @Haroldartist eres el mejor

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  • This is Alexis's daughter and ZHC is the nicest person ever.

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  • How do you enter in the giveaway?

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  • Video idea Buy a car from a dealer ship and come back with it customized and give it too the person you bought it from

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  • I think Rae will win

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  • 2020 - Last To Stop Customizing Wins Tesla! (Challenge) 2030 - Last To Stop Customizing Wins The Pacific Ocean! (Challenge)

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  • 1:43

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  • ZHC in 70 years: Hey guys welcome back today the first person to customize the moon gets it

  • that one part was like Shark tank

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  • ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿{¦}

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