I Surprised Brent Rivera With A Custom iPad Pro Mural - Tik Tok

30 iun. 2020
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This was Insane, I Can't Believe We Did This For Brent Rivera!
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the iPad Mini Mural giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    • I really want this, with My Face There. 😉 omg, and art, you guys, are just something so incredible. 😉 I love you guys.

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  • He actually does a gibe away EVERY VIDEO

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  • WOW!!! You put so much effort into your paintings

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  • When he painted stranger things I was like oh my God how did he do that? It looks so good!!!! I need to practice mine artwork I do very bad in art... Hopefully he can come help me so I do better in art no one's wearing masks these days but if you get me like a little bit some help in art I will pay you $1,000 dollars deal? Okay deal

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  • It’s so crazy how quickly you guys do these paintings. Art brings such joy to people instantly. Y’all are very talented and nice people. You bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces and I smile just watching it. Would be amazing if you could paint my car lol. I’d have the coolest car in town

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  • When ZHC pulled the boba out I was actually drinking boba like no kidding no CAP!

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  • I wish i won an i pafd because i have a chreap one

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  • ZHC walks into an apple store Apple Worker: Need another 5 Ipads

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  • i'm sooo amazed by your drawings on ipads

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  • Zach: Enters the apple store Employee: Aight Zach, our stock is ready to be destroyed!

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