Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A Custom Tesla Model 3 ($60,000)

16 feb. 2020
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You won't believe what car we got him!
He ended up wanting a model S instead so in one of the future videos we got him a model S instead of this model 3
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  • Lol ididnt know that i can destroy my friends car with a tape and a dot. of white marker 🤣🤣

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  • can you please get my mom or dad a tesla because my mom has been looking and deciding what car to get and i want to surprize her with a tesla so please

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  • Can you draw Naruto ang minato

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  • Tesla wow what you test ZHC

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  • To be honest I can bearly draw but I love cooking which is also Art

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  • U did revenant for apex

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  • 11:32 🤣

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  • I whish i were his assistant I wnt a tesla lol 😂

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  • God bless you Zack, and stay safe

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  • I want a Tesla

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  • at this point he really is just mr beast

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  • Haha! U were playing nice

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  • Please pick me next time but i dont think so...🥺

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  • "Mom im sorry but WTF" Me:laughing my ass out

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  • Wow I have the same favourite colour as zhc

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  • Dude Perfect Soundtrack...

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  • Yes, this is a really nice trend, though. Actually doing something nice instead of just faking random stuff... Don't mind me being 7 months late by the way... I am a bored, new fan.

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  • What are those sings

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    • I ment songs

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  • HI ZHC i wanted to tell you i made fan art and i want to know if you have a po box and you havent seen my text in ig my user name is jayden_13th so i hope you get to see it I LOVE YOUR VIDS.😁😁😁😊😊😍

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  • 6:35 there is some oil leeking LEO THIS IS A TESLA WTF

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  • I am see your video and you give someone gift

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  • You're very good artist

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  • 11:47 (gets belt out) ‘oh it’s a Tesla it’s f-ing ok son’ no offense to his mum btw

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  • 3:53 “oh wow really”

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  • Do you play call of duty.

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  • Destroy subscriber’s car bro

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  • give me 100$ pls

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  • Customize a house

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  • Does anyone know what background music is he using when he shakes the marker

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  • His assistant's car didint even got destroyed

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  • he lost every challenge

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  • poor zach

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  • I want to have you as my friend cuz you are so cool and great and I think everyone on this world wants you as a friend ;-;

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  • awesome art zhc

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  • What’s the best called the one that starts at 6:37

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  • Hey Mr beast looks so much diffrent

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  • I am hoping I could win one of those phones ZHC, I really need a new device for my online class and multi tasking. Please choose me as your lucky winner in your next giveaway. It would really mean a lot, I know you won't notice my comment but please if you do so, please make me win, I just badly need a new device.😞

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  • Imagine his assistant taking this tesla to tesla service center and can't service their car

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  • How do you edit the vedio its very nice

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  • His mom be like I thought I gave you the good gifts.

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  • Loe and money will always work👊👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Lol imagine if Dex has the car!

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  • You are a good drawer

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  • Woah that is sick...🤩🤩

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  • i love the vid!!!!!!!!

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  • ZHC's Assistant Mom sorry WTF he can't believed he got a new car TESLA WOW! and costomize by ZHC and Vexx this is so insane.

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  • ZHC IN 2055; destroying mrbeasts house and surprising him with a custom one

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  • What is Leo’s fav colour

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  • Call your pet Mini zhc

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  • Love from India ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • How many Tesla’s has he customized?

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  • You are so talented

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  • I dare u to give me 1000 markers

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  • His mom: you boy come home now 😡😡😡😡

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  • I stopped this channel and it's good to see young people having a good time and inspiring others with creativity and doing those nice things ....just keep doing it.

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  • Did he know reavent

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  • You know that 1 car wash will clean that thing off

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  • Your gf is trashbag

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  • I like how we can't even damage a car he can't purposely hurt someone

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  • 2050: destroying people's life than giving them a new one.

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