Drawing Pewdiepie in One Line! - MrBeast, Dude Perfect, Marshmello & More!

14 apr. 2019
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which youtubers do you want me to draw next?
Watch me DRAW Pewdiepie in one breath! rolabel.info/door/mIpklsnHltSUmKw/video.html
watch me draw pewdiepie for 24 hours straight: rolabel.info/door/lYmazKmtgbCZq34/video.html
watch me draw mrbeast for 24 hours straight: rolabel.info/door/lZef0KvXgdeAgpg/video.html
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world record!
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  • Just here to do my part until Pewds hits 100 mill... I drew 8 youtubers each using only one line! It counts as a line as long as the pencil touches the paper and doesn't come up until the drawing is done. That way it is one continuous line! Who should I draw next? Taking requests now! Also a lot of people are saying BTS sooo....maybe ;) GO SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! First comment: Sang Awr

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    • BtS

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    • You have nearly 15 million fans . Isn’t that better than friends . Love you ur vids Zack 🙂

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    • ZHC t series ftw

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    • @ZHC I'm your freind

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    • Draw Donald Trump. .

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  • If u suck at drawing robots I have to learn how to suck at them

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  • When will zch go back to this his new videos are wack

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  • I'm from Kazakhstan hello Zak

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  • Ооо эта боль в рукеее

  • привет ты можешь нарисовать мой канал пожалуйста зек

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  • Yowww I love iron man wooo

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  • The Strokes perico perico Hours hay que llorar puedes llorar todas yo en guau

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  • I love your videos

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  • (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

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  • Эээээ я не понял почему тут нет ютубера популярный в СНГ Влад а4 не справедливо тока англоязычных тока есть и все Обидно :(

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  • Классно ☺👍

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  • A4

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  • Кто русский

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  • BTW whatever he does is not ordinarily

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  • we would love some tutorials for drawing please make vids on tutorial please

    Epic GamurEpic GamurAcum lună
  • Friend: omg this must've took hours! How much time did it took tho? Me: one line

    -_-Wolfie Eclipse-_--_-Wolfie Eclipse-_-Acum lună
  • Sub to mr beast and mr bro

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  • Who else was just watching the battery percentage on his phone go down? just me?

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  • u for got turkeys wings

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  • Classic

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  • Hey the arc reactor was so small and the iron man was so skinny dude ...... 😂😂😂

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  • Love this channel

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  • ZHC in this video: I wish I had money ZHC now: guys today we're going to customize 100 Iphones

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  • I like your all vidos

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  • Can you give me matbook air please

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  • Also

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  • You are giveaway in india

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  • You can give

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  • Hi my name is rajveer Raj

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  • Am I the only one that for a second I thoght iornman had a beard

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  • Nice❤

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  • The message zach get at 4.35 is from someone saying mmmmmmhhhh

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    • Then it says were listening to 69

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  • For 1 line........ That is pretty epic And I do agree that we should all subscribe to Pewdiepie.

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  • My head while watching this video : stays still ZHC’S head: up down side up down side up down up up down

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  • Your drawings make me mealt

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  • Jelly

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  • Sub Me Than I'll Sub You Back

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  • And people This is why zhc is better than vexx

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  • *lead breaks*

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  • You literally draw 6 youtuber you said 7 what do you mean zach

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  • 0:24 ohhh I kinda have the same problem too, with my right wrist.

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  • draw in one line😶

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  • Your stuffed animal is adorable

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  • wow

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  • Nice one🔥😻

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  • U liking pewds made me go from ur fan 10% to fan 101%

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  • ZHC what music did you use for your video in this video? I really love it...

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  • Subscribe to pewdiepie NOW

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  • RIP Zach’s hand

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  • Teach me to draw

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  • Iron man is not a ROlabelr

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  • Drawing is superb

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  • draw Russell Westbrook

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  • Ahh yes, my favourite youtuber... iron man

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  • You are 100% the worst youtuber ever to pick songs for your youtube videos

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  • Why t sieres lol team pewdiepie

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  • Ironmans not a robot

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  • Can u draw yourself without any photos u have to only use your mind its a challenge

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  • 0:42 If Mashmellow is eating Mashmellow does that mean he is a cannibal?

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  • 🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice shoot🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 0:41 👇 👇 👇💛

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  • My name Jabez I can sent of you

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  • His First Time In Drawing a Robot *Fantastic / Advanced Learner* My Million Tries in Drawing a Robot *Looks Like a Baby’s Drawing*

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  • Which ncs

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  • U hope you get well cuz you have carpel tunnel

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  • Hi

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  • 1:32 who’s corny

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  • Loved for you

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  • When the video started zhc had 56 and at the end he had 15

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  • In time lapse I can’t tell if you lifted your arm

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  • When you realize that your drawings with multiple lines aren't much better

    Augusts PunenovsAugusts PunenovsAcum 8 luni
  • 2:00 when you say you suck at some thing but turn our to be boss at it

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  • Imagine if he would have forgot to stop recording

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  • Draw this youtubers in one charecter

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  • If ur hand hurt u dont need to do this bro

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  • I also have the same pencil as you to ZHC

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  • Hoi

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  • he lifted on the marshmello one

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  • Who is PewDiePie ???

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  • J

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  • How do you draw so good

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  • You don't suck at drawing

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  • What is a carpal tunnel

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  • Did anyone else pause and try to see what the texts said. .

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  • I have a challenge draw james bond

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  • I can't even draw that good with 1 billion lines

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  • Marshmello eating Small Marshmellos *Wait Thats Illegal*

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  • Do iron-man is a ROlabel isn't he?

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  • The thing I can draw with one lone is a one line😀😀

  • Who else saw the messages he got

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  • Why no panda in DP

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  • That isn't one line tho

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  • 1:58 if iron man grew a beard

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  • Ok but iron man is not a youtuber

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  • All the ROlabelR is the picture should see this

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  • who else thought that the iron man had a beard

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  • Zach: I suck at drawing robots... Me: I suck at drawing stickmans

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