Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway) | ZHC

7 apr. 2020
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I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
New plushies -
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    • ROlabel video my name is odida

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    • Please give me i pad bro please give me 9249788747 this is my what's up number please bro give me

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  • Does turkey in the other guys come come with the money with that we see on

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  • Chanel is best

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  • i love how ZHC has earpods but in the shop in his home he has 100 airpods pro. Thats just how loyal he is to his Subcribers

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  • £

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  • Omg sooooo cool

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  • Can I have a ps4

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  • Satisfying

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  • Fun fact: Michelle is gonna make the hole world pink🤣

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  • plz put Leo in another video

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  • I love your vids u inspired me so much as a artiest

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  • I love you

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  • To those subscribers that thought they would get Michelle’s switch, I’m sorry

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  • Mdmdkd

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  • I want a ps4

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  • *me noticing he's wearing a izuku midoriya shirt and me also getting jelly*

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  • oddly satisfying

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  • bro i love drawing to but bro you a whole entire level they are all lite.

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  • I really wanted a fortnite nentendo switch

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  • Ilikepink

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  • Türkler yine ünlü oldu

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  • ilove you ZHC

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  • Hi I am so happy to have you

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  • hello bois

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  • Me: true to customize my shoes Man collecting the rubbish: OMG NEW SHOES!!

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  • Can I have the applepencil please

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  • I like your vuduos

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  • ZHC WHEN I’m bored I just watch you

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  • I really love Michelle's voice ❤❤

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    • Omg!!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

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  • ZHC is the best youtuber for me and all the fans who are watching his videos

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  • I'm a big fan

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  • 24,922,898th view

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  • hi

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  • ZHC: You must customize it to keep it. Me: *proceeds to make a single mark on every single product possible*

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  • U guys are so talented !!

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  • You guys are like artist

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  • dose zhc stand for zack has cash

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  • Me

    Joseph G's Story Time and gaming channelJoseph G's Story Time and gaming channelAcum o Zi
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  • Can I get some give away it be my first time and I have been watching) y'all for 5 years

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  • I love you guys

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  • I love your videos 💓💙💚💓

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  • I am turkey ❤I like ZHC❤

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  • Hi I love your stuff

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  • Give mee

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  • Bro he is the sweetest ROlabeler I have ever seen he wanted to open a orphanage how nice!!!!!!!

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  • I want a ps4

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  • I want the shoes pls 💗

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  • I love your videos so much

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  • You are so so so talented zhc omg how many items do you have like a 1000000000😱🥳🤪

  • And your friends

  • ZHC u ARE the best artist in the world XD

  • They make the stuff look better so when it started it’s nothing 😂😂😂😂

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  • Bro the go turkey design ppl made in a factory became famous jus thing bout it

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  • OMG

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  • You're so good.

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  • Wowwww

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  • They are so talented but if I tried to costumes it would be looking like something popped on it

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  • I like what you 🥰🥰🥰😀

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  • I subscribe you

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  • I like your girlfriend I'm I like her pink hair

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  • Wow the pealing was so cool

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  • I love your my hero shirt.

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  • hi can i have iam from u a e please i am 7 yers old i need i pad pro

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  • that galexy one is sooo cooolll!!

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  • I like it

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  • WOW

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  • I love your videos and u are sooooo amazing 👌

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  • Just like watching this everyday

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  • I don't know you are rich because its my first time watching you 🙂

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  • Science is my size are sent is seven7

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  • I'm participating in your give away

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  • The peeling off of the tape and wrapping in every video is so satisfying to listen to It’s like customized ASMR

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  • Aaaaa! Me got 1

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    • Aaaaa! I got 100

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  • I have posca but it’s different

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  • Michelle's life: PINK!

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  • Can you draw Mr tos pls

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  • Everyone say im a noob at drawing 😭

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  • I love ZHC

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  • Please give me ipat I have no ipta please

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