Drawing My Girlfriends SPIDERSONA...

11 ian. 2019
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What would you be like if you were spiderman/spiderwoman? My girlfriend asked me to draw her spidersona so here it is! She told me what she wanted herself to look like...DEFINITELY NOT describing everything about Spider Gwen AND SILK! Anyways, I tried my best and surprised her with it!
BIG CHUNGUS appears in this video 6 TIMES! Can you spot all of them?!
Watch me draw my spidersona or else....nothing
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  • BIG CHUNGUS appears in this video 6 TIMES! Can you spot all of them?! CONGRATS ON FIRST COMMENT!! YOU WIN FAME AND GLORY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION: Itachi Uchiha

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    • Spider m

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    • I never thought you know naruto anime

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  • ZHC=Simp

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  • He is trying not to turn it into spider gwen but instead turned it into the thottie version of silk/spider girl with midnight's power from my hero academia

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  • Zach:we got 100 subs Me:so you gained 16.4 million

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  • ZHC you forget the arm

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  • Spider m

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  • Literally Gwen Stacy

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  • Spidercontrol i want that to be the name cause she controls boys and she was bitten by a spider so spidercontrol

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  • super simpe.x.e

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  • i clicked this video because i saw the thumbnail gif... yeh it was weird ok

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  • Before, 100 k 1 year later, 16 million 😲😲😲😲😲

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  • people in 2020 be like well at least SHE could do Halloween with that mask and all

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  • ZHC: we got 100k subs Me watching videos rn: see the 16.5M subs

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  • 22.32 made me laugh so hard

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  • :(

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    Melissa FlorentineMelissa FlorentineAcum 4 Zile
  • So I had a gream about you you were going to paint my home but I woak up

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  • ZHC hits 16M subs from 100k in only 1 year

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  • only og fans watch this over and over again

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  • A name Spider poker

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  • How will I make my spidersona I am a boy

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  • What a good chance they was just on 2019

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  • If her name is sexy spider yours should be daddy long legs

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  • I like how he put 6ix9ine in the back story.

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  • She is so cute

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  • I love your videos I am 15

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  • U love your videos I am 15

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  • It looks like silk

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  • me watching this in 2020 and he has 15 mill subs them celebrating over 100 subs me boi

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  • Eww she smacked his butt

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  • Her name can be spider M

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  • Michelle is sooooo cute

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  • Itachi is from naruto And who is watching this in 2020

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  • Hi buddy ,Over right leg ,between shoe and leg skin u missed to paint very much small part just checkout once.

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  • Spidersona

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  • Her name should be Spidra Convisia.. Convisia = Control + Invisible + ia

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  • Is it me or did I think I saw big chungus in the video

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  • ZHC: we got 100 subscribers Me: wait- I’m watching in 2020 and you have 15m subs ._.

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  • ZHC: This Video Is Supposed To Be Kid Friendly You Know. Also ZHC: I Dont Know What The H*ll Shes Doing.

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