Customizing A Lamborghini, Then Giving It To My Friend!! 🚘🚗 (SATISFYING)

29 nov. 2019
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We gave a Lamborghini to my manager as his work car!
update: It broke down and it has been in the store for the last 4 months. Turns out there was a problem with the engine that wasn't fixed when we bought it

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge car, iPhone 11s and Airpod Pros giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  • We gave this to our manager as his work car so he can drive it whenever he wants :) Update: It broke down and it's been in a store for the last 4 months :'( Hope you guys enjoyed! Subscribe so I can give more stuff away😊 Love all of you❤️ Giveaway Rules - Follow Vexx and I on ig and Twitter IG: @zhcomicart @turkeybyzhc @vexx Twitter: @hsieh_zachary @turkeybyzhc @vexx_art *Anyone under the age of 18 will be flown over along with a parent* (Plane tickets and housing will be paid for) First comment: Dulce Herrero (congrats you win a custom iPhone 11 Pro!!

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    • The time when you know you f up on drawing:zhc

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    • Hi has I love your ROlabel channel

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    • ZHC how do you do it master

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    • U

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    • ZHC yes i enjoyed i love your vidos keep it up

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  • nice

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  • this is the lambo that Mr. Beast just gave away

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  • He says watch to the end to bee satisfied Me:skips to the end

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  • U spelt freind wrong in the title

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  • Im satysfyde

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  • It's so cool and costly car

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  • I really want to get a gift from zch. Because I am a fan of zch if I can tq very2

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  • Yep

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  • Is it a brand new Lamborghini and broke down is it brand new or what

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  • how bout scrunchies?

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  • ZHC are you satisfied with your care

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  • Like the montarge

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  • 1.000Dolarrs is cheap dor ZHC

    KelvinKelvinAcum 2 Zile
  • but where is his manager

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  • He -its a small gift Me-(who is not able to watch this above 144 p) ....yeah its pretty small

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  • ZHC gave the Lambo A tatoo One thing Epic

  • Zhc customizing a Lamborghini My Dad if he has a Lamborghini : don't even get your finger prints in my car

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  • So it seems like without the markers u cant customize 👇🏻like if u agree

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  • I was not satisfied dudd

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  • Hey guys type in youtube techno gamerz gta 5#11 see the lamborghini can customize like this if yes then comment me

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  • Wow what you have. LAMBORGHINI

    Ida AryaniIda AryaniAcum 4 Zile
  • What's the bet they paint/customize a yacht

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  • My only concern is, what if it gets wet? Will the markers remove or stay?

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  • I’m a Filipino and I’m not good at English so Pls consider it I hope you appreciate me and my wish

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  • Do u want be my friend?

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  • I love the car

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  • You are Good guy👍😎😏

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  • I want this car I will give money

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  • You are so cool

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  • Plot twist: the lamboghini is itself actually his manager's.

  • Now the manager is going to drown in maintenance costs😂😂

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  • This guy is successor of Mr beast

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  • Need a laptop for my art work 😭😭😭😭😭

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  • ZHC: gives a Lamborghini ROlabel views: gives 2 Lamborghini’s back

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  • man this guys has alot of money


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  • Hey mr. beast

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  • i will be satisfied if u gave e this lambo😶

  • Money money money money

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  • A lot of money 💰

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  • qui est francais

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  • ZHC in 40 years: Suprising the earth with 13 custom City's

  • At least he's good not bad

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  • Next can u customize a Xbox or a play station

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  • привет ZNC

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  • Keren bang jago

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  • 🚘🚗

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  • In the future zhc is not gonna give away Ipad's or something,hes gonna give away lambo's Like if you think its true

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    • It is only if we get him to a billion subs

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  • Tips about buying an expensive car: Check Chasis Engine Suspension Check every corners (if the car stayed too long in a warehouse,garage etc.) Check Dents And Paint Job Wheels if it's stock or custom Windows Interior Steering Tell me more if I missed something

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  • You should customize a mountain bike frame

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  • ! Lovuslicrvizokimdryqere

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  • I’m just a random commenter.

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  • ZHC=Mr.Beast

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  • bro ZHC and vexx are so good at art im almost to there lv but the improve like every second XD

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  • You tube is really getting comfy with these unskilable ads 👁👄👁🤮

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  • Please give me your number,. I have a work of my buggati devo

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  • Guess the singer “Got Gucci in the lambo indiego with the sandals walking around I’m Gucci sandals GUCCI! I be pulling up like skirrt” HINT:FAZE Memeber

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  • (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

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  • 9:36 - NO

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  • His house is bigger than Micheal's house

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  • ;-; sorry

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  • Hi send Yes

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  • 8:44 does the how you girlfriend sounds in bed

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  • Brother I am in Indian I like your video so much ...Time watch your video.. particulary I phone drawing..I like a I phone😁😁😁😁

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  • 1% people who are reading this; may you a billionaire one day. God bless you

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    • I’ve seen this guy comment this on another video before

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  • The fact that Lamborghinis are like 1.6M dollars and he gave it to his friend that rlly shows how loyal he is

    Bubbliie EditsBubbliie EditsAcum 12 Zile
    • The Lambo here is a Gallardo. Second hand you can find these for under 100k. Still absolutely insanely generous, even more so for the time he spent on it.

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  • if i was him i was keeping it

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  • I wish I could be his "friend"

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  • Didn’t he surprise his manager with a custom $25k computer a few months ago? he just said he’s never surprised his manager before..🤔😂🤷‍♀️ .

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  • Flex 😂

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  • We love you guys

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  • I love your videos

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  • Who is better Vex comment Zhc like

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  • Ohh i need a car like this

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  • i like your vedios more than mrbeast

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  • Plase,please,please if you are a good person help me with one subscribe 😥😥!

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  • Anyone here on 2020

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  • His edits and arts are cool

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  • Imagine messing up and then you have to buy the Lamborghini again cause you dont like the design

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  • I would love to have MacBook for the eve of my birthday

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  • Shaka shaka shaka throw in pool

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  • please come to florida pbg

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  • U make people happy

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  • Customization makes it even more powerfull-ZHC Me-physics are you there???

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  • Zach the best artists

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  • How much was the lambo?

    Anita FrenchAnita FrenchAcum 16 Zile
    • Probably about 80k-110k

      Noob SoupNoob SoupAcum 16 Zile
  • After 12 years:ZHC customising a rocket for NASA

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  • I like it

    Angel BarreraAngel BarreraAcum 17 Zile
  • Gallardo Superleggera???

    Patch PatrollerPatch PatrollerAcum 17 Zile
    • No just normal one

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  • Hi ZHC I just want to say I love your videos and I know how hard it is to paint because I love painting and yeah bye love you ZHC

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  • Does not look new CHC

  • Nice background music

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  • ❤️

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  • Omg gorgeous

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  • Please do the challenge cutting the ear phones of people and give away them airpods please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please it an request please please please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

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  • i love the sound of you pelling the tape

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  • But not this kind of Lambo the real Lamborghini

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