I Used 100 Million Dots In A Painting! | ZHC

21 apr. 2019
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  • Subscribe and Ill give u a dot Here are my original calculations for those that wanna know. each pen makes up to 40 dots per second I have 7 pens 40x7 =280 dots per second=16,800 dots per minute=1,008,000 per hour so that would take around 100 hours so I estimated with everything right it will take just under 100 hours to complete. Of course if you watched the video I talked about how it was a lot harder than it looked luckily Michelle was there to help. Hope that clears things up! Pretty much take the dots per second and look at how long we have been drawing for congrats on first comment: Dxrk Akuma Akuma_Shinigami

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  • ZHC: Drawing with 100million dots! Someone: How can I believe it’s 100m ZHC: Count it Someone: Nvm I will just believe it

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  • I give up art because my art teacher says "your painting is bad draw what I tell you" after that I give it up I was drawing for 4 years and now I return You inspired me do draw again thanks you to much

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  • he use pointilism method

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  • the strategy of idle heroes is put big health heroes in front and with high damage behind (also heroes who attack with their special al enemies.)

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