I Bought the World's Most Expensive Pencil ($11,400)

9 ian. 2020
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Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! :)
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  • I spent more than $10,000 on a pencil! Right after I bought it I found a used one for around $3,500 lol :(( Hope you guys enjoyed! Can't wait to show you guys what I have planned for 2020! This is going to be the biggest year for the channel! Love you guys!

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    • Hi zhc you video

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    • I love your artworks keep up the good work ZHC👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌😃😃

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  • I am liking every video that this guy hase

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  • ?

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  • Can you buy the aurora diamante pen it the world most expensive pen

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  • Isn't the most expensive pencil is Graf von Faber-Castell 13400$.

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  • I Miss steve

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  • Zach: dont break it Steve: *Break*

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  • Wow.....I am freakin out!❤️

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  • I do rather buy a laptop with that much money TvT

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  • My pencil:laughs in $1

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  • Cool two brothers making vids

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  • Imperial dragon is actually a name for a beyblade in beyblade burst gt, if you guys know what I'm talking about

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  • This was the last video filmed with Steve

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  • I like how happy these ppl are I've been watching for about 4 years now

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  • Who came for the thumbnail

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  • Need a laptop for my art work 😭😭😭😭😭

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  • there is a pen that is 33,000 dollars (search up most expensive feather pen and click on shopping)

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  • That pen is legit jewelry lol

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  • Me with my dollar store pencil: 👁👄👁 ✏️

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  • Yoo that pen 🔥🔥🔥

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  • 1:32 wtf is enchante

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  • I’m too poor to watch this

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  • Hi 🅩🅐🅒🅚 thats all i have to say O.o

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  • Anybody can make a ten thousand dollar pencil draw like garbage, but only Zach can make 10 cent pencil drawing look like a 10000$ one

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  • Cut your hair man so long

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  • 😍❤️

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  • Im

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  • is zhc your enishles

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  • I did it... But what cost 11k What did u gain 5 mil views

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  • imagin if u became a SSJ in ur school

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  • more like imperial dragon bryblade

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  • I know that no one will see or pay attention to my comment 🥺 but if it happened and you saw it! Please help me and subscribe to my channel 🙏

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  • New Leonardo da Vinci.

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  • Bro just how will you make the tip or point of the pencil sharp ???????????????

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  • Nice

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  • wwooww

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  • 6:03

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  • where did you learn to do art like that

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  • Can you make more of drawing videos? We really miss your amazing drawings

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  • I laughed so much when the pencil was spinned 😂🤣🤣👌

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  • I like the 10 300 more

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  • ZHC: *Buys a 1994 Limited Edition Mont Blanc Pencil* Pawn Stars: I wish he came into our pawn shop

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  • e

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  • Don

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  • Zhc:worlds expensive pencil Me:*Strugles in chosing a 10 cents pencil or 20😅😅*

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  • I love your drawing and I want to be just like you when I grow up.

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  • Is he still friends with steve?

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  • Hey you should do a big ass giveaway wof all of the pens

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  • If I lost a pencil like that in school, I'd search the entire building...if I don't find the pencil, then I'm going crazy

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  • ZHC has money beacuse y’all are awesome people

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  • Pov me when I realized I have one :0 oop

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  • Don't mind this comment im just here to delete my old comment

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  • I remember when you only had like 500k subbs xd

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  • 2:50 laughed soo much

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  • Zhc my heart is racing Steve I don’t give a damn yeet

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  • I bought the worlds most expensive pen yesss cil nooooooo r u nuts

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  • When you take it to school and somebody asks for a pencil

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  • my 5 rs pen is best

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  • hey zach i really really hope you’ll see this cause im having a really big trouble😭 my phone was bought 3 years ago and im having a trouble with my online class cause i cant hear my teacher properly neither they can’t hear me too i really hope you can help me😭 Thankyou and wish you all the best!♥️✊

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  • lol?real red ruby???

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  • When like its so Expensive you can't ever play it like a regular pencil

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  • Omg 11,000 $ and 11,000 coments Can't believe hit that the goal to 20,000 Want a giveaway ( but in Bangladesh)

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  • This is the last video we saw Steve in it

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  • I wish i win giveaway since i sub but i in UAE Plus i 10 Btw i fam from 2017

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  • When your classmate use your 10 000 dollar pen for PENTAP

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  • it is so expensive and you are using it as dart arrow

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  • this is the last video steve comes in. rip steve

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  • wanna have phone to give my mother for her birthday because she doesn't have one and because i love her so much! 💗

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  • Zhc you drawing so cool👍

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  • a pencil doesn’t matter as long as you have the skill!

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  • Can u adopt me Lol :)

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  • 💙

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  • Like these comment for ZHC to customize a airplane

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  • ZHC you never give me i phone or i pods 😢😢😢comment down

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  • Wowwww

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  • The stylus fooled me

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  • The packaging looks terrible

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  • 0:28 stop, *that's not turkey*

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  • I went on Amazon and It cost 20 bucks

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  • Zhc wow 😵 nice pan

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  • Whaaaaatttt!

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  • This is how many people had never won the giveaway ⬇️

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    • Only 7

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  • I am satisfied

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  • geez that expensive.. i would buy a 10 dollar pen is good for me

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  • Cool

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  • OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Is it noise canceling answers anyways

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  • The thumbnail is Guinness world records but 5is is not world record is this world record for waste of money?

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  • ZHC: hey this pencil is worth a tON Steve: flip time

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  • Cool○○○○○○

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  • I dare u to make a video of drawing preston playz

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  • Haiiii :)) Give meh likes :3 read more

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    • lol u thought ;)

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  • me:lol,a pencil for a 11,000$ you:(tell me your guess in comments) lol,enjoy:D

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  • Zhc’s heart just stopped when Steve dropped the pencil

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  • That's is so cool

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  • I

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  • I even keep the package box safe untill pencil lost. Because its too expensive. 😄

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  • Who is here in 2020 and misses Steve in the videos

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  • very useful 😂💯

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