Locked In My Art Room For 100 Hours

3 aug. 2020
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I can't believe I did this lol...
I Locked Myself In My Art Room For 100 Hours
Hope you enjoyed
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    • I form it allredy

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    • hey.....i loveur art :)

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  • You where outside you lost brooo

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    • the balcony is connected to the art room

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  • Can i win somethinhg

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  • chubby zhc

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  • The satisfaction of peeling the phones and the iPads just satisfying

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  • G 6ytijf gj noy

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  • The supreme anthropology infrequently bat because window individually last beyond a befitting bugle. careful, boiling plantation

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  • I love the music choices they make the video POP y'know, and those transitions CLEAN there so nice

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  • Dose he not go to the bathroom?

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  • Wait he went outside to spray paint the rc car

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  • 4:00 girls in class when teacher is out

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  • The title: spending 100 hours in my art room. Me: HE WENT ON HIS BALCONY!!!🤦‍♂️

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  • 6:20

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  • Did anyone notice he walked out of the room to spray paint

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  • Hi infinite ♾

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  • Spray flipping fart spray

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  • I would grab him and pull him outside the door

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  • Is nobody talking about infite being in the vidoe -w-

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  • Hi

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  • ZHC in 3040 “ok guys we’ll will be surprising the world with a custom sun”

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  • Did anyone else see that he went outside to spray paint it

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  • Please me

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  • Me, thunking of how he is going to toilette

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  • How did you get outside

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  • hehe i love your channel :)

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  • 6:26 yeah your in your art room

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  • What do you feed your snaek

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  • When he was spraying he went out

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  • Can I have your necklace

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  • ZCH:been scard from the horn

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  • So good at painting and I just love you

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  • Hi I’m Lyla and I’m 8

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  • I live in England $55city

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  • You drained the keyboard but how could they see it

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  • HMMM where is the cute snake ??

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  • He says that he is getting more creative with the creature yet it looks like a demogorgan from stranger things lol love u zhc

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  • electronics really do be his canvas

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  • Van i get one pls i want it in from the Netherlands state is Rijssen

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  • 10:05 is the best moment of video

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  • EEEE you

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  • I love her can you make a tutorial of how to be a good artist or something I

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  • He littrelly went out and spray painted the stuff

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  • Um no affence but he did one thing

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    • No he did another of stuff

  • Admire his montages tho

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  • Lol you went out to spray

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  • You're best ZHC

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    Michal ViceMichal ViceAcum 16 ore
  • That's fruits is called durian you can't said the durian is bad smell is not good to say like that in front of fruits

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  • I love snakes to

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  • Says that I’m going to spend 100 hours in my room 6:27

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  • 5:57 lol infinite

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  • I’m guessing he’s slitheryn lol😆

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  • I need a Apple pencil sad

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  • And the shower?

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  • ZHC: *getting the microphone* ZHC:* gets it* ZHC:*plays with it* Microphone: * BEEP* ZHC: * jumps*

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  • Do you guys know in durian there a moral in it the moral is never judge a book by its cover cuz the fruit was the delicious fruit ever even tho it stinky and durian Is my fav food EVER

  • 100 years ago:today imma surprise a hospital with a customised baby

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  • he left the art room to spray paint

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  • I guess ur favorite reactor is infinite ngl 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

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  • Nice!

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    • Stop it

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  • Until now do you still have fluffy?

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  • Wait in 2021

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  • How did you spray paint inside the room?

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  • Wait you go out to spray paint ? !!! Ooffffffffff

  • thu kya kar rah hai??????

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  • Custumise that snake that will interesting

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  • The rules: if I go out of the line I lose Me: when he spray paints he goes to the balcony and isn’t that out of the line??

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  • You like art? Me to!

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  • Anyone else see that cycling out of the room to spray paint

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  • The girls singed Christmas songs: Me :what And the kazoo omg

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  • When he went out to stay paint he went outside and out of the room so he lost the challenge

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  • Ok I know I’m late but I love snakes..

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  • 4 days and 4 hours?!?! Your INSANE?!

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  • Leo I want him back

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  • In case you didn’t notice, the ZHC newspaper article was dated for Sunday, February 30, 6969.

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  • Whats with all the Infinite Lists clips

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  • I can t believe he opened the bag if cheetos upside down smh!

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  • Michelle has armpit hair

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  • Even 4:13

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  • 3:52 is so funny "I want some entertainment"

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  • 343

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  • My B-Day is on August 17th. Good video!

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  • I went on google and asked how many days is 100 hours and it said 4.167 days

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  • i wish you were living in greece cause my mom and dad dont get so much money and i fell bad for them😥😥😫😫😣😣

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  • Dude he sat there for 4 days and 2 hours

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  • You’re out of the challenge thinking one of the spray paint

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