Custom Lamborghini vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car

14 sep. 2020
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Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car
Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug
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    • Hi remember the wath

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    • @UCwa-i5_JYXotWdTx9WxGRZQ me

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    • Love u ZHC

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  • Lamborghini rocks❤️❤️❤️ Thug life of Lamborghini.

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  • Definitely not copyright from mrbeast

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  • Even the intros r the same as mrbeast

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  • I did

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  • Love your videos👍👍👍👍👍🌵🌵🌼🌼🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨

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  • Nice

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  • 2:24 hold up that's faze rug

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  • You are the best ZHC!!!

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  • You are so amazing at every video you do. I also love your chameleon! Chameleons are the best. Also love Rocky. Keep doing good!

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  • Brooooooo I have a literally no other words, but I love this channel i’ve been having a really bad day and this just makes me feel so much better❤️

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  • Hi ZHC today is my birthday so can you say happy birthday to me

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  • Magen if the human ran vs the lamo nobody be using cars XD

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  • If you are reading you are a very cool guy and a very talented artist

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  • New mr beast

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  • The milk makes it better… chocolate is gooooooood wit that

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  • I subbed to all of u guys i love your videos

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  • Whoever is reading this:You skin isn't paper so don't cut itYour body isn't a book so don't judge it Your heart isn't a door so don't lock itYour life isn't a movie so don't end it Be you....stay safe (Btw small youtuber looking for your support)I didn't create this quoteJust wanna spread positivity Stay safe my friends

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  • MrBeast jr

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  • I love your art!!

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  • Ishika

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  • Ishika

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  • Ishika

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  • Ishika

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  • Love and support to u from nepal

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  • Men your to good in arts I hope you can giveaway a car or rather an laptop I just need it in my online class 🥺 and I'm hoping to receive it.

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  • I was already subbed and had the post notif on for a while now, been enjoying all of your videos.

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  • You should get two cars and customize them together

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  • Please you may personalize a car for charli damelio please please you already customized one for adisson ray now it is turn of charli damelio I ask you please 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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  • Hey Zach,please try procreate or digital art it would be fun

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  • Omg zch for life

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  • Me so late this started I month ago

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  • "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" I know it's impossible, but who knows. 😊

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  • I love your videos I watch you everyday

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  • Pog

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  • Id say he isnt really doing as much art. He is more mr beast than zhc anymore 😥

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  • You are a artist me.beast

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  • I love tis video

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  • Your amazing 🤩

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  • im not satisfied but im impressed!!😊😊

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  • you are so talented ZHC and i wish i could get a phone love ur videos soooooo much

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  • Surprize me XAXAXA Hard i from Grecce no US

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  • nice do more plzzz

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  • good car and vids best vids love it 🥺😊😊☺️☺️☺️

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  • He is a customized mrbeast. 💛

  • Love your art work

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  • Tesla wow you ZHC

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  • Racing between the two beast's

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  • AMAZING 🔥🔥

  • Guys, just for joke: How much money do you think he has? It literally seems that he’s richer then Trump lol 😂)))

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  • Whait is that Faze rug’s car???

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  • Someone please the van guy by putting a Merlin engine in!

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  • Amos prince

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  • 2:05 sasageo sasageo!

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  • I deadass never had a brain freeze, like wtf is that

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  • this video was so heart racing (literally in the game) it also reminded me of Mr. Bests video "supper kind!!

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  • Wait was the Lamborghini from fave rug vid?

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