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5 mar. 2019
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    • Wow

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    • Hey uhhh zack the deku drawing his head is a bit small and I wanted to say if you can draw a my hero acadamie off I know I suck at spelling ;-; but if you can do it for 24 hours straight like the marshmallow one

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    • Hi

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    • Total actor ur hire!

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  • Draw a battleship

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  • Can you draw a mermaid

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  • You are a freaking big it's just a freaking painting so you shut the fuk up

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  • People say ZHC is the best draw: Micchele sorry if i cant spell Michele rips ZHC best draw : me : don't rip mine :l me:Back out 100 feet do not GUYS press this please 👇🏼 . OMG i never got this much

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  • His content switched so fast.

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  • 4:10 When I heard you say that I immediately bought and drank everything I was able to press out of them. But since I ended up in the hospital I believe I did something wrong.

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  • did he re-edit because like a couple months ago after ZHC was sad don't michelle say "mmmm s*x?*

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  • 2:21

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  • ZHC: i cant draw realistic Me: wats in the back dude wtffff???

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  • Just put clear tape

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  • michelle: sad for ripping art me: he looks like he is happy

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  • Awww they took out the best part of after Zach´s girlfriend tore up the paper Some people are confused but others understand what i am saying

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    • I remember what she said after. It was funny lol.

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