I Paid Artists $50,000 To Finish My Drawing | ZHC

14 iul. 2019
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Hi Guys todays video I LITERALLY PAID ARTISTS $50000 TO FINISH MY DRAWING! Rules: They have to draw for 24 hours and they must finish my drawing , comment which one you like the best!
Part 1: rolabel.info/door/r2ykz5jFkMl-qKg/video.html
This took a lot of time as well as $50000 which was really hard to afford but it was worth it
I hope you enjoy the video
Thanks for watching, have a great day everyone :))
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  • Zhc dude I can give you a art of mine I'm 12 years old and I well drawing 1 week straight and btw I'm not a good artist or I'm not a artist :)

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  • Damn to think people can do this detailed amazing art in 24 hours... id need atleast 48 and it would have to be a small scale drawing. Shoutout to all contestants they did amazing 😱

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  • I'm a artist .

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  • He should do a 3D pen challenge

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